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A Journey to Save Paradise
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Megan Paige (Hala)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
:icondragonspixels: made my modern Moon stamp! Go give them some love!
credit for my profile picture goes to :iconkayawolf15: ^^

Welcome to my deviantArt page! My name is Megan but you may call me Meg or by my fursona's name Hala. I am a high school student that loves making art. I'm extremely friendly and I love to make new friends so don't be shy to talk to me.

My fursona is a wolf named Hala. You can find out more about her here:…

Feel free to read a comic i am in the process of making with, :iconsnakevenom25:
Here are some page previews:
Modern Moon Page 12 by MegPaigeModern Moon Page 13 by MegPaige

Requests: I will sometimes do requests.

Trades: I do trades, but please do not ask me for one. If you want to trade with me wait for them to be OPEN. I will make a journal every time they are open.

Commissions: take a look:…

Every comment, favorite, llama, point, and watch is much appreciated so THANK YOU SO MUCH
I will block you if:
***If you use violence, cyber bully anyone i know, use bad launguage, make me mad, or anything of that nature, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!!! I don't approve of that and WILL NOT accept it.***
Please, do not rush me to make your art. It will be done, I promise. If you rush me, your art piece will look sloppy.

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design
Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design
I'd just like to start off by saying that this is my OPINION, so please respect it in a kind matter. I respect you opinions on this too.

I've had my deviantArt account for maybe three or four years now and personally I feel like I have become better than I was when i started out. And since I'm in a good mood, here are tips I've used to help me improve.

Gettin' Sketchy with It:
This is something I honestly hate but has helped me.
My Art Class: In my art class, we are assigned to make six full paged sketches of real life still life's of at least four items every six weeks. The sketches must be done in pen and be done in at the most, 15 mins. We are not allowed to use pencils or anything that can be erased or changed.
Objective: I goal of this exercise is to allow mistakes to be made. We are only human. Also, this builds up a part of your brain that remembers how things are formed. For example, if i made a sketch of the same pot every week in different poses/positions/lightings, im sure I'd have a mental 3d image of that in my head.

Things Aren't so Black and White:
 My art class doesn't allow the color black and/or white because he wants us to create dark and light without it. I used to think this was a terrible idea but doing this has actually helped me. This actually isn't a bad thing. Trust me on this. Depending on the image, nothing is completely black and nothing is completely white it may come close though.
On that note, working with a limited color pallet is a great way to go!

Hit the Books (not literally) :
This sort of ties in with the sketchbook method. Believe it or not, studying the object you wish to draw makes huge improvements. We've all seen these studies somewhere. Scientist do this during/after experiments and what not. Artists here draw a subject multiple times until okay with the results.
Make pages in your sketchbook dedicated to simple sketches of anatomy, poses, animals, fur, trees, etc.
Not only that but go outdoors and collect materials like leaves, rocks and observe them.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat:
Draw a face. Good, not move over to another empty area and draw the same one again and again and again. Fill the page(s). Even better! Now skip a few pages and draw it again. Hey, don't look back at the original that's cheating. :giggle:
Every time you draw the object, you should be getting quicker at it. So now clean it up every new drawing. And Repeat.
This builds repetition. Every heard of muscle memory? Well think of it as that but for your art!

Be a Scientist:
Probably one of the biggest reason why an artist doesn't improve is because of their biggest fear, change. Challenge yourself, experiment with different techniques, media, subjects. Nothing is a failure, just a lesson that was waiting to be taught. Exceed your limits and do a drawing in a completely deferent way! So what if you didn't achieve the look you were going for? Trust me, this has happened to me a lot, but I didn't give up. 

Get Some Mental Ear Plugs:
Haters gonna hate. Problem?Ignore them.
They don't know your art like you do, so why do they care?
Photos are Friends:
If you wish to learn how to draw something find photos of it and mimic. Don't trace. I honestly feel like you accomplish nearly nothing from tracing photos/art. Freehand and mimic the shapes you see in the photo. This is going to help you a lot. Just don't rely too heavily on needing a photo reference.

Time to Lift some Weights:
Training is key. Im sure you wouldn't go run a marathon right off the bat (cause you might get hurt), you'd need to train yourself first and stretch.
Stretch = sketch!
Practice! You aren't going to get any better by making a drawing in 10 seconds, post it, then stop for months at a time to do absolutely nothing.
How many times have you heard the saying, "practice makes perfect"? Well, that is true to an extent. My music teachers likes to say "perfect practice makes perfect." So if you are ever bored, go check out some tutorials. You can learn from almost anyone! :3

This is another big problem. A lot of artists lack confidence in themselves and say,
"oh this was like a ten min. sketch. I many things wrong wit like what do you think?."
(totally guilty of this but not to this extent...)
This is gonna leave room for haters to puke their verbal vomit in your comment section. Don't advertise your self hate, it makes it easy for others to say bad things.

This isn't a tip to improve art, but just thought i'd put it out there...
Respect everyone, even if they say your art is ugly or say anything rude. Kill 'em with kindness!

                                                                            Or just block them or something... :giggle:

                                                                       Use Internet to Your Advantage:
        There are plenty of tutorials online that show step by step on how to achieve something. Look up how to draw ____ and voilà!
                        I've used youtube a lot on how to achieve realistic looks, perspective, human faces.
      Not only that, we have livestreams and skype. A good way to learn is to watch other people draw. I'm obsessed with watching  speedpaints.

And lastly:
Remember, you are only human. We make mistakes but the beautiful thing about that is that we can learn from them.never give up! :D

Hope this helps. X_X
Im bad with words.
Feel free to leave me a bright and shining comment here on ways you improve or ask me a question.
Take care and have a superb day!

Commissions: See here: Animal Artist-Commission Info

:la: Status: Closed :la:
1.) :iconhimaru-kun:
2.) :iconeskimodogsrule:
3.) :iconebony0201:
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: TO ORDER :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
Tell me these details:
Name of OC
Link to ref. sheet
Details: such as personality, likes/dislikes, etc.

What I draw:
Wolves, any canine (prefer canines)
Any animal, really
Gore (to an extent)
Mythical Creatures
*Ask about others
I Don't Draw:
sexual themes
Traditional only with exceptions of icons and stamps, until I get another computer...
Please dont rush me
Based off:
United States Dollar
Points = $0.0

Trades: closed
Requests: closed


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yay! Congrats with the premium my friend!! ;D
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Happy early birthday !!
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Hey MegPaige! Happy Valentine's Day!
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hello random person who just used their time reading this!
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